Why us?

Fixed price guarantee - You know how much you are going for in advance!

The exact (not indicative) amount for the course is known before ordering, it is enough to enter points A and B. Importantly, the amount is fixed and independent of road conditions (traffic jams, need for a detour). There are no algorithms, multipliers and other price tricks here. You can check the price yourself in the application or ask the dispatcher.

A modern and ecological car fleet

90% of the fleet consists of new hybrid vehicles (2019, 2018) operating in the business model 24/7. The customer can be sure that he will find a modern, efficient and licensed vehicle, which guarantees not only comfort, but also safety of the journey.

Clean and fragrant taxi? At Link Taxi, it is standard, not accidental!

All cars are subject to care for the cleanliness of the vehicle and the absolute ban on smoking, and use environmentally friendly air fresheners with the scent of cranberry.

Quick ordering, convenient billing with Link Taxi

Order the way you like – through a friendly dispatching room operating 24 hours a day or an intuitive mobile application (Android, IOS)

  • terminal in every car,
  • term orders,
  • cashless courses for companies.

Why is it worth traveling with us? What makes us stand out?

More than a Taxi!

Our mission is to combine the best of traditional taxis and alternative carriers and to create a new quality of services based on transparent principles of operation.